Adventure in The Making

Infinite Talisman is a beautiful and powerful piece.  It provides strength and knowing that aligns you with your inner Shaman. I was blessed to receive the infinite focal bead from a beautiful light bringer.  I remember the day I received it thinking what am I going to do with this. I turned it over and realized it was pure silver and thought to myself, ‘’At the very least I have to keep it.” A week later I was at a trunk show where I found the most beautiful turquoise, still shining its unique and natural glow.

I immediately felt the connection between the energy of the turquoise and the gift of the Sterling Silver Infinity from a few days ago. When I got back to my bead table my vintage Bali silver and faceted onyx cried pick me and so I did.  From here the rest is Infinite Talisman history.

About Infinite Talisman Infinite is a powerful talisman made with earth elements that will aid in grounding and finding inner strength and power that leads to divine centered healing.  Made with turquoise, sterling silver, Bali silver, and black onyx. To learn more visit Infinite Necklace