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I ​have been collecting beads and artifacts since my teens.  In my twenties I discovered a local bead shop and spent many a week’s paychecks there. Beads and the jewelry making process spoke to my soul as a young adult.  I learned as much as I could about technique and design concepts.  I spent weekends at vintage trunk shows looking for the strand of beads that was calling me from a far.

Then one day I decided to close up my jewelry box and focus on other things. I began to study alternative medicine and the idea that you could heal yourself. I studied things like Reiki, Shamanism, alternative medicine, epigenetics, and quantum physics.  I felt the same excitement and passion for these studies as I did for jewelry making.

And then my bead box began to call… After many years of studying healing and collecting beads I’m doing what speaks to my heart. I am making jewelry infused with healing energy.  Each piece of Heart Wear is part of my 20+ years of collecting vintage, energetically aligned semiprecious stones and handmade beads.  I make each piece as I am directed to, by aligning with creator and then getting out of the way.

You will find many styles and designs here.  They are one of a kind pieces and they were made with joy and love.  I hope you enjoy wearing your HeartWear as much as I enjoyed making it.