HeartWear is my life’s calling. The receiving and then creating of each piece of jewelry is something I never saw for my life. It is an inexplicable blessing that keeps on giving. But I guess that is what happens when you get out of the way and get into the flow of the divine.

My journey has been filled with every kind of experience you can imagine. Everything from being a publisher, having profound hearing loss, studying alternative medicine, shamanic journeying, being a glider pilot, a reiki master, life coach, author, and some near death experiences.

I ​have been collecting beads and artifacts since my teens.  In my twenties I discovered a local bead shop and spent many a week’s paychecks there. Beads and the jewelry making process spoke to my soul as a young adult.  I learned as much as I could about technique and design concepts.  I spent weekends at vintage trunk shows looking for the strand of beads that was calling me from a far.

Then one day I decided to close up my jewelry box and focus on other things. I began to study alternative medicine and the idea that you could heal yourself. I studied things like Reiki, Shamanism, alternative medicine, epigenetics, and quantum physics.  I felt the same excitement and passion for these studies as I did for jewelry making.

And then my bead box began to call… After many years of studying healing and collecting beads I’m doing what speaks to my heart. I am making jewelry infused with healing energy, as channeled information on what to put together comes through.  Each piece of Heart Wear is part of my 20+ years of collecting vintage, energetically aligned semiprecious stones and handmade beads.  I make each piece as I am directed to, by aligning with creator and then getting out of the way.

In short, I have lived life to the fullest and don’t plan to stop as the voice of creator is gets better and better with each experience.

You will find many styles and designs here.  They are one of a kind pieces and they were made with joy and love.  I hope you enjoy wearing your HeartWear as much as I enjoyed making it.