Garnets,Garnets, and More Garnets

Are you feeling sluggish and disconnected from the present moment?  Then Garnets may be of help.  Garnet is the color of root chakra and is associated with grounding.  It is also January’s birthstone.

Garnet’s are a stone of higher thinking and self-empowerment.  They help the wearer find strength, safety and prosperity while creating a sense of feeling grounded.  Garnets encourage gratitude and service to others that comes from core centered intention. Wearing Garnets can help you align with and attract: commitment, warmth, devotion, understanding, and honesty in relationships.

Garnets are the color of the root chakra also known as the 1st Chakra. Root chakra is where you experience stability, security and receive your basic needs.  The intentions of Garnets will help you align with basic needs in a nurturing and self-empowered way all while providing vitality, clearing of blockages, and joy. If you are born in January be grateful that Garnet is your birthstone because each year Garnets send us into the year with powerful grounding and nurturing.

Facts about garnets: They are found all over the world, are commonly known to be red. Have been used in talismans since the beginning of time. Were considered sacred by royalty in the medieval era and were prize components in royal jewel. Garnets have a  strong curative power that made it invaluable.


Meet Garnets Galore 

Garnets Galore is made with… you guessed it, Garnets!

Garnet’s Galore is made with Garnets, Brass Patina Spacers, & Green glass spacers. The Center piece is Artesian glass that was handmade and infused with 14k gold and sterling silver foil. This is a one of a kind piece.

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