Meet Vintage Love

Vintage Love came together in the most amazing way…

The vintage check crystals are from a little bead shop in the mountains of North Carolina that I just happened upon.  The fire coral is fire coral that I have had since I started my collection when I was 12. The hand blown glass is made by an artist in California that I found on the internet at 2am.

All the pieces in this necklace came to me a little at a time.  First one piece just caught my eye so much so that I had to have it. Then while on vacation I happen into a crystal shop with one small wall of vintage beads tucked in the corner next to the exit sign. 

 Then one day the randomness of these pieces and how they came to me became oh so clear. And just like that they showed me what you see today. 

Filled with beautiful crystal light and earthy hues of red and orange, Vintage Love is made with vintage check crystals, fire coral, and gold. This special piece contains a handblown, fused glass heart at its center.   This necklace was made with size options that range from 16in -18in



HeartWear is divinely inspired, made with the highest quality semiprecious stones, semiprecious medals, and vintage finds, each piece of HeartWear is unique.  HeartWear is made by me and I create each piece of wearable art as I am guided.  Click here to learn more about… Vintage Love