The Chakra Series

The Chakra Series is a HeartWear Design that came to me one morning in meditation.   I know there is a lot of Chakra jewelry out there and to be quite honest that was what I said when the idea came to me, or should I say when Creator told me to make them.

While it’s true each one of our chakra bracelets will align you and your chakras and create a healing or grounded focus on the chakra you are wearing, there is a bit more to it than that.

For starters each chakra bracelet is made with semiprecious stones and precious metals.  They are then left to absorb, or as I call it, marinate in the energy of selenite.   Not to mention I personally make each piece by hand.

Selenite: Is an angelic stone that provides protection and brings love and abundance. This ancient crystal, it is one of the most powerful crystals used for the new vibration on earth. It is attuned to the greater good of all beings.




That’s a little about the process, but what about the chakras? …Keep reading.

Let’s start at the beginning.


The 1st Chakra: Root Chakra, located at the base of your spine in the tailbone area and is the color red.  It represents our foundation in life and is all about being grounded or planted in life.

The 2nd Chakra:  Sacral Chakra, located in your lower abdomen and is orange.  Sacral chakra relates to your ability to be creative, sexuality, and the ability to accept others and new experiences.

The 3rd Chakra: Solar Plexus Chakra, located in your upper abdomen and is yellow.  Solar plexus chakra represents the ability to be confident and in control of our life while helping us balance and maintain the following: self-worth, self-confidence, self-esteem, immunity, and core muscles.

The 4th Chakra:  Heart Chakra, located in the center of your chest just above your heart and green.  Heart cakra is the chakra that represents your ability to love.  Opening your heart to possibility is the best healing exercise for this chakra.

The 5th Chakra: Throat Chakra, located in the throat and is blue green.  Throat chakra is your ability to communicate and speak your truth.  Healthy throat chakra makes way for self-expression and open communication.

The 6th Chakra: Third Eye Chakra, located on your forehead between the eyes and is the color indigo.  The third eye chakra allows us the ability to focus on the big picture.  An open third eye chakra can allow us to connect with our intuition, imagination, and wisdom while helping us make decisions.

The 7th Chakra:  Crown Chakra, located at the very top of your head and is the color violet.  Crown Chakra is the facilitator of our spiritual connection to our surroundings providing inner and outer connection to spirituality and pure bliss.  Crown chakra benefits from breathing clean fresh air and being in the sunshine.