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The Inception of HeartWear

First and foremost thank you for your interest in HeartWear.  This divinely inspired endeavor I often refer to as wearable art is all hand made.  Nothing is made from a pre packaged kit nor is it created in an assembly line environment.  I design and layout everything from the simplest of earring to the multi strand bracelets you will find on this site. Every piece of wearable art is divinely inspired and made as I am shown.

Once I finish a piece it is then left to “marinate” in the beautiful amethyst cave that was gifted to me a few years ago.  Once out of the amethyst cave each piece then spends a few days resting on my selenite towers. During this  process the pieces name is revealed to me and I begin to put on paper the specific purpose of the piece, and how it will align the wearer.

Each piece of HeartWear is made with semiprecious stones, sterling silver, gold, or pewter. I source my materials from various places around the world.  Some come from Tibet, and others come from Africa, some come from the shore of the Atlantic Ocean.  When sourcing materials I ask these questions: First was it humanely sourced? Is it environmental sound and does my purchasing the product benefit the area it came from?  I also ask how old is it as vintage material has a very unique and amazing energy that is all its own.

I have been collecting jewlery components with this approach since my early twenties. I was blessed to be inspired by a dear friend and fellow “beadaholic” with a keen eye for quality, sustainably made and hard to find components.

After years of collecting, combined with my keen eye training by some very special angels I am being blessed with the divine inspiration I call HeartWear.  I hope you enjoy HeartWear as much as I have enjoyed being inspired to make it.