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The Power of Abalone

Abalone is amazing…. Abalone has been around for as long as the oceans.  This beautiful mollusk feeds and dazzles us with its beauty.Since humane discovery this beautiful creation has been used in ceremony and daily life to uplift and nourish our soul.  Tasty to eat and beautiful as adornments, abalone’s use beyond the menu ranges from smudge bowls to jewelry to beautiful inlays in architecture and art. Native American cultures believed that abalone and sage together carried their messages to the heavens. The Apache culture uses Abalone for their sunrise ceremony, a sacred ceremony that marks a young girls transition to womanhood. Not only does abalone have a sacred meaning to indigenous cultures it can helps the everyday wear with the following: enhanced feelings of self beauty, peace, compassion, and love. Abalone gives off a warm gentle vibration both visually and spiritually and in times of tough emotional issues, abalone is soothing to the nerves whiling encouraging a calm demeanor.  And the final bonus… abalone gently help open our psychic and intuitive connections. Get some abalone today!

In the mean time here is one of our favorite HeartWear pieces that contains abalone.

Peace Beauty & Calm