What is a Talisman?

A talisman is a piece you hold dear to you. Something that you feel has magical power, sacred energy, or good luck that was made just for you.  Something you carry with you or wear always or often.  Your sacred talisman could be a color, an object, a special shirt, or a piece of jewelry. Talismans are everywhere if you think about it. 

If you’re a priest, you wear a cross.  If you are catholic chances are you wear a rosary or an embedded necklace with your patron saint. If you’re Jewish you may wear a star of David.  Talismans are not limited to religion.  Law enforcement officer wear a badge, public service officials wear a specific shirt or name tag and businesspeople wear a suit or some kind of official garment and if you’re an athlete, you may have a favorite color or symbol that is sacred to you.

Talismans are everywhere and chances are we have one and don’t even know it. They make us feel a little safer and give us the feeling that we have the luck of the Irish with us even when our four leaf clover is not around… there’s another talisman. Need a talisman of your own?  We got you covered, peruse the HeartWear site and get to know some of our divinely inspired talismans listed right here.  If you don’t see the one that speaks to you let us know and we can make one to fit your specific requests.

Meet The Healers Talisman