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All about Amethyst

Before I get started on the history and healing properties of amethyst I want to mention how important amethyst is in my design pallet and not just because its my birthstone.  On a regular basis I am making and designing with amethyst or crystals and glass of purple and violet ranges. There are numerous designs in the HeartWear collection that contain the royal and healing amethyst.  My favorite is Divine Presences. This necklace is made with some of the deepest amethyst I have come across so far. In fact, it is so intense it appears black, but it is not.  There is even amethyst in the heart shaped clasp.

Amethysts are not just cool looking purple rocks.  They have an endless history of aiding people in numerous ways.  Amethyst has been a favorite since the Egyptians carved and polished them back in 400 BC.  The rich purple represented royalty and perfection in the eyes of ancient Egyptians.  Catherine the Great was particularly fond of amethyst and Christianity declared it the stones of bishops.  And let’s not forget the belief held by numerous cultures that wearing amethyst while drinking would protect you. 

Today Amethyst is mainly worn as adornments in jewelry for decorations purposes but let’s not forget the power amethyst has in the healing realm. Amethyst is a healing stone that helps relieve anxiety and stress. It is the master of the crown chakra, so it helps with clarity, releasing of anxiety, and understanding the true power of who you are and why you came here. It is also the color of the 6th Chakra known as the third eye chakra.  The third eye or the 6th Chakra is where your connection to higher knowing comes from, your connection with the all.  



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