The Dawning of Change

So maybe the word change seems a little too small and maybe dawning is not quite accurate since change, big change, has been on the horizon for what feels like forever. Not to mention it’s becoming very apparent that nothing will return to the way it was.

I know that to think about it like this is disturbing, let’s face it we do not like change.  In fact, we make every effort to avoid change.   We like the comfort of knowing how things will play out. If we didn’t the movie titanic would not have been such a hit.

We like knowing that Leonardo DiCaprio will go down with the ship.  This knowing brings comfort because there are no surprises.  It’s also very soothing to know that at the end of the movie there will be an elderly woman holding the attention of treasure hunters with tales of romance. This knowledge helps to ease the pain of losing Leonardo.

The majority of us like the fact that most things do not change in life. We also love our traditions like favorite holidays, theatre in the park, art shows, sporting events, dorm living, and more.  We like consistency and when change occurs, we do not always react well.  Take the current state of events as an example.

At times the situation has been both shocking and painful.  Then we get a little comfortable and think normal is coming back only to have things change again.  It feels as though we have been holding our breaths in anticipation for life to start again.

But…What if?

What if after we get over the shock, we get to create a whole new way to live.  A new world based on what we choose instead of what was chosen for us.

Exciting and scary all at once, right?  But let’s think about this for a moment.  What part of life’s traditions and daily habits sustaining your heart felt choice and what activities are you continuing in an effort to please others or just get by?

 And here is where we embrace The Dawning of a New Age…

What if all this change, mayhem, and cultural shift taking place right now is really about all of us stepping into what we want?

What if the events of the past two years have been powerful catalysts for empowered change instead of the doom that the mainstream would like us to believe?

And what if, as a result of everything that has transpired, we do not go back to the way it used to be and instead we create as a whole new paradigm?  A paradigm filled with possibility and choice over our change.

What if we chose to keep time honored traditions while creating powerful new one’s?   And what if we created a future exactly how we choose it to be?

And what if we awaken and embrace the dawning of a change that we fill with possibility for all?  What If?

Welcome down the rabbit hole of The Dawning of Change